Renault: two engines suitable for biodiesel

Renault Trucks comes with the possibility to order two of it’s Euro VI engines destined for the D-series trucks, as suitable for the use biodiesel.

Renault offers, the DTI5 240 hp and the DTI8 320 hp, on three of its Euro 6 range trucks compatible with Biodiesel. This can either be 30% of the entire fuel (B30) or 100% (B100). In terms of performance, engines running on Biodiesel offer the same power ratings and the same torque as their Diesel equivalents, Renault says.
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BharatBenz already sold 10.000 trucks in India

Daimlers step to actively produce and sell trucks of an entirely new brand in India has proved successful. In just eighteen months time Daimler has sold 10.000 trucks on the Indian market.

This market is being dominated by two brands, Tata and Ashok Leyland. Together they have a marketshare of just over eighty percent. Number three is Eicher trucks with some 17% marketshare. Compared to that, the achievement of BharatBenz looks bleak. However, this truck brand is very young and shows promising potential. The BharatBenz trucks are available from nine to 49 tonnes GVW. Daimler uses Fuso technology for the lighter, and Mercedes-technology for heavier BharatBenz trucks.

Cummins develops engine for China

American engine supplier Cummins has developed an engine series specifically destined for the Chinese and similar non-US markets. Called the G-Series, the new engines, which come in displacements of eleven and twelve litres, will be mounted firstly in Chinese Foton Auman GTL trucks (pic left).

The new engines have a slimmer design and make do with less components, Cummins says. The engines will be available in a 290 to 512 hp power range. Up to the choice of the customer, the engines comply with Euro 3,4, 5 or even 6. The first engines also meet the Chinese NS4 requirements.

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New Iveco Daily

And here’s the first picture of the new Iveco Daily! Everything on the new Daily is bigger than on the previous types, Iveco says. New models go up to 18 and 20 cubic metres! They will be produced in the well known plants in Italy and Spain.

The Daily still has the unique ‘truck’ chassis frame.

On the engines we have no information yet, but Iveco claims the new generation is 5% more fuel efficient. This new generation certainly has to comply with upcoming Euro 6 standards. We also expect versions with alternative drivelines.


New Ginaf with Ford cab?

Dutch transport journalist Alex Miedema posted this new Ginaf truck on his website. It is a photoshopped photo that shows how the Ford cab is going to look like on the Ginaf. The photo is inspired on the information that Alex had that Ginaf is going to use the Ford cab for the new generation of heavy duty trucks.

The HD series of Ginaf has the DAF cab and engine up to now but maybe Ginaf is looking for more power than the 510 Hp DAF MX engine can deliver. When we look at the Ginaf rally trucks, they use Cummins power these days so it would not suprise me if that is also going to be used in the heavy duty tippers and mining trucks. Photo:

Peterbilt variant of DAF LF

Soon after we published the first picture of the latest version of the Kenworth K370, our viewers handed us this picture of the Peterbilt 220, another member of the Paccar family. Here, we also recognize the same typical Euro VI front of the DAF LF.  It again proves how much DAF technology Paccar uses in it’s products destined for the US market. Peterbilt boasts about a nice five inch infoscreen on the curved dashboard and the new looking cab has a galvanised front bumper hosting headlights protected by lexan covers.

The huge Peterbilt logo makes it almost mandatory to buy this truck with a red cab!

Familiar Paccar face at MATS 2014

At the Mid American Show Paccar showed the facelifted Kenworth K370 rigid truck. In Europe, truck addicts immediately recognize the new front of DAF’s Euro VI LF cab. In the US, the Kenny meets all current requirements with regard to exhaust emissions.The renewed Keworth looks the part and is being sold with the Paccar PX 7 engine. These DAF-based rigids come in two kinds: the K270 as a Class 6 truck (8,8 till 12 tonne) and the slightly heavier K370 as a Class 7 truck (12 – 15 tonne). Similar versions of Peterbilt trucks are to be expected at a later stage.

As these facelifted trucks were on display in the US at the Louisville show, DAF issued a press release showing the 5.000th DAF LF which was built in Leyland, Britain including a fullsize body for big time customer Royal Mail.

New Scania cabs caught!

On i found this, and many more photo’s of the new Scania P-cab. In the same story also the photo’s of the new G- or R-series cabs that we have seen before.

The German website says that these trucks are going to be launched at the IAA, later this year. At Iepieleaks we have information that is not the case, but time will tell.

Interesting is that Scania sticks to the modular cab concept. For that reason the interior photo’s are interesting, because they show the dashboard for the complete new Scania range. Check for the rest of the photo’s!

New Scania fenders

While we are all waiting to see the first glimps of a complete new Scania cab they come with new fenders..

These new fenders replace the ones with the rubber flap for wide front tyres. Also the clip is gone now, and that looks much better. On the photo the one on the left has the old type of fenders while the other one is the new version.